Friday, March 14, 2008

My Favorite Singers: Suchitra the "Omaha Zeeya" girl

Through the years I've listened to various songs, spanning innumerable genres, that I can safely say that I'm a connoisseur in music. So it was a bit surprising even to me, that when I decided to give an account of my favorite musicians, the first name that came to my mind (of all the names you would think) was Suchitra.

Now there are many of you out there who believe she doesn't even have a sweet voice befitting a girl, and that she does sound more like a boy sometimes, but I believe she is one of the most versatile singers in the cine circuit as of now.

Her career was launched with the iconic voice of "the woman in the dream" in "Uyirin Uyire" from the trendsetting action movie Kaakha Kaakha, singing the unforgettable lines "Omaha Zeeya". The song was a dream song, and even now it is one of the things that comes to your mind when you think of the movie. During the days after the audio release, this song was the craze of Tamil Nadu. And everytime someone heard the opening lines "Omaha Zeeya" there was a roar of acknowledgement from the crowd. Her voice had this otherwordly charm that helped people transcend dimensions and forget reality, and enjoy the song. It was like the slow ignition that lanuches rockets into space. And launched she was!

She became a top singer after that and proved that she was no one-song wonder, but people still couldn't believe that the "Omaha Zeeya" girl was her. The voice was so different in other songs. Anyway, both voices were loved by the people. In fact, her true voice had the X-factor which the crowd loved more. Although the quality to number ratio of her songs is quite low, some of her songs are so peppy you'd start dancing even if you're injured.

Who can forget the power of her voice in "Unna Petha Aatha" or the pep in "May Maadam". Although the latter had its fame for Reema Sen's dancing, Suchitra had her share as well. And "Dole Dole" (Telugu version) has been immortalised by Suchitra, with her voice like flowing wine. The seductiveness in the voice transported us to great heights, just like in her debut song "Uyirin Uyire".

And its not just for the songs is she famous. Her stint as Radio Mirchi's morning host is now history, and part of Tamil folklore (or maybe studentlore). Although she's now at Radio One doing the same job, sporadically though, she was so popular at Radio Mirchi that the Radio Station grew with her popularity. She was so well known as the "Radio Mirchi" Suchitra. Everything about Radio Mirchi was synonymous with her.

Listening to her voice on Radio, many times you'd think of kissing its bearer. Such a sexy voice it is, and it sure added a fresh mindset to everybody's morning. Whatever you guys may feel about her singing- her voice is husky, too crass, breaks off sometimes, whatever, she brings that X-factor to the song, which rarely does any other singer, especially a female singer.

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