Thursday, April 23, 2009

Archbishop Dolan says gay marriage is absolutely wrong!

Archbishop of New York Timothy Dolan has been vocal in his views about gay marriage and he has mentioned in a wide-ranging interview to the New York Post that the concept of gay marriage is totally wrong with regards to the morals and definitions of society.

Speaking just a week after he was enthroned as the Archbishop of New York, Mr. Dolan who had served as Archbishop of Milwaukee from 2002 to 2009, clearly said that tampering with the traditional marriage would lead us into big trouble. He feels that the traditional one man-one woman marriage is rooted in our moral DNA.

This maybe in response to Governor Paterson's (Governor of New York, worth mentioning is the fact that he's just the 2nd legally blind Governor of any State in the USA and he's also the first African-American Governor of New York) push to the bill that legally allows gay marriage.

However The Archbishop clearly stated that he doesn't feel aggrieved by Paterson's move to legalise gay marriage and that he doesn't feel Paterson tried to insult him.

The jovial Dolan has already shown his proclivity towards baseball and beer, not to mention cigars, and is a popular figure among the New York public.

He, and other bishops, have already shown displeasure over The University of Notre Dame awarding President Obama an honorary degree, since the incumbent President is an avid supporter of abortion rights, which according to Dolan is intrisically evil and that there can be no discussion about it.

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