Wednesday, April 29, 2009

ICL players to be allowed back into official cricket

In a stunning development today, the BCCI (Board of Control for Cricket in India) stated that all the Indian ICL players who sever ties with the unofficial league within May 31 will be allowed to play domestic cricket immediately.

The Board had long maintained a policy of isolating the league and it's players from all official cricket, even going to such lengths as preventing it's own players from playing in exhibition matches featuring past ICL players, and preventing past ICL players from commentating in official matches involving India.

The ICC has also maintained a hard stance towards this unofficial T20 tournament.

The reasons for this sudden change of attitude of the BCCI remain unknown, however the decision of the ICL committee to take up legal action is speculated as one. Instead facing many players in a long-drawn out court battle which the BCCI would probably lose, they have decided to cut the strength of the ICL player community.

The fact that the ICL is struggling to pay off it's dues to the players and that it's future remains uncertain due to the economic downturn has given cause for the ICL players to approach their boards for reinduction.

The ICL players who break up all ties with the ICL would be allowed to play international cricket after a cooling period of one year, starting from May 31 2009. However, they will be allowed to play domestic cricket in the ensuing period, starting from June 1 2009 itself.

ICL authorities or concerned players could not be contacted. More news is expected to follow, especially about the fate of those players who wish to break out, but have contractual obligations with the ICL.

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