Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Mumbai Terrorist found to be an adult!

Kasab, the lone captured terrorist from the November Mumbai Attacks has been found to be an adult by the medical team that examined him.

His dental and other medical information have revealed that he is at least more than 20 years of age, contrary to what was previously stated in court regarding his age- as 17.

He was requested to be tried in a juvenile court by Kasab's lawyer Abbas Kazmi, citing his age, which was believed to be 17. However, after 4 doctors of a medical team testified today in court that he is a an adult according to their examination, a situation has arised where his request for him to be tried in a juvenile will be rejected.

Abbas Kazmi, Kasab's lawyer appointed by India, hopes that the margin of error involved must be considered. He believes that other cases where dental records were used to determine age must be referenced to understand the margin of error possible in this method of determining age.

Meanwhile, Kasab, the Pakistani terrorist, was seen smiling in court while the doctors testified against his age.

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