Thursday, April 23, 2009

Wanna bulk up fast? Eat Almonds!

It maybe small in size, but everything else about the Almonds is huge! To start off- it's expensive (atleast that's what it has been), and it's high on nutriet content as well. It's known to induce the mind to work better. Of course, the mind part isn't scientifically confirmed, but it's been known to have that effect from ancient times, and many of the brain-foods contain almond extracts.

Detailed nutrient info can be found in the following page:

Anyway, regarding the getting bulked up soon- you don't need to stuff yourself with meat and pizzas and all that. Just eating 4-6 raw almonds a day and by the end of TEN (10) days you'll have bulked up. I came to know of this fact only through experience.

My relative had bought myself some almonds. I think they must have weighed at around 250g. I finished off the entire pack in 10 days. I noticed that I had grown pretty fat than when I was before those 10 days. When I asked my parents for the reason- out came the answer, that I've been eating too many Almonds each day.

It took me about a year to burn up that fat! That's about as much nutrients and fats and sugar Almonds pack!

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