Saturday, April 25, 2009

Two days of Kill Bill: Final Lesson

Well, the movie went on expected lines with the (usual) occasional twist and I enjoyed it thoroughly. What was more important was the fact that I learned a few things from it (well, not exactly learned since I've always been thinking about those philosophies, but just that now I have more reason to believe I am right).

The point is "Life doesn't play by the rules. In fact, nobody plays by the rules called morals and ethics and all that. We ought to improve ourselves only by beating these people or things or whatever, by playing by the rules. That's what will make us great. Whining that Life is unfair is silly, since Life was never meant to be fair."

Anyway, about the movie itself- almost every scene I could understand, but the climax was something that left me with a bitter aftertaste, but probably it was the right decision.

The heroine isn't effortlessly winning the revenge battle. Her antagonists are shrewd and just about as good as her in fighting. She makes mistakes, gets caught, is even buried alive, but still you and I know that it's not going to be the end. However, Tarantino plays with you when he extends your agony by delaying her escape from the grave scene.

The audience are treated to myriad and circuitous ways to kill a person and some cheesy soundtracks, but still you've got to love this film- it's got this eternal swagger (especially the heroine).

To me, after having watched each film on consecutive days, I get a feeling of relief- it's over. I learnt a lesson (not spoken in the dialogues, which aren't really worth remembering, except perhaps one-"Revenge is a forest..." something which we hope you won't have to repeat to anyone) watched a film worth watching once, got some basic ideas about the film (so that I don't look silly when folks talk about it at a party, not that anyone will do- it being a killer film and all that, it'd end up being a killjoy topic), and can now rest my mind on these kind of films.

So what's my opinion of Kill Bill Vol.1 and Vol.2 combined? Watch it only after you've watched the Dollars' trilogy (at the least). And watch it just once- there aint nothing there you'd have missed the first time around- the film's so uncomplicated.

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